Aquastretch® Expandable Hose – 50′


Item number: R-988502

UPC: 751166988502

  • Aquastretch® Expandable Hose – 50′
  • Aquastretch® Expandable Hose – 50′

Expandable, extremely durable hose made with strong aluminum fittings and wrapped in a soft microfiber covering to avoid incidental scratching. When emptied, hose will contract to under 20 feet for easy storage on the convenient rack provided that may be used on the go or mounted on the wall

  • Lightweight
  • Durable outer covering
  • Expands up to 50’
  • Fits all standard hose fittings
  • Convenient Storage Rack included


Remember to disconnect your hose from water supply when not in use. Store away from sharp objects in order to prevent damage and out of direct contact of the sun to prolong the life of your hose.

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