Did you know cars in northern states or states with harsh winter climates are worth less at resale compared to an identical model from the south?  The damage caused by the elements and your local ways of dealing with them can greatly influence the longevity, condition and value of your vehicle.

Most people at one point or another have sold a car. Did you know cars in northern states or states with harsh winter climates are worth less at resale compared to an identical model from the south?  The damage caused by the elements and your local ways of dealing with them can greatly influence the longevity, condition and value of your vehicle.  That being said whether you’re in the  North, South, East or West, there are steps you can take to not only keep your car in good condition for as long as possible, but also add value to it at resale over similar vehicles that haven’t been pampered as much.

We’re here to help. With the Platinum series car cleaning products, you can keep your car looking better and extend its life as much as possible, without the high prices of some other car detailing products. With proper preparation, product and technique you can add a proverbial jacket and scarf, or sunscreen and hat, to keep your car as cozy and safe from the elements as you are.  Take a quick trip to your local Walmart OR Pep Boys to find everything you’ll need.

To begin we will need these products…

-Platinum Series XL Dip & Wash Tool
-Platinum Series 6 sq. ft Drying towel
-Platinum Series Clay Backing Wash Mitt
-Platinum Series Coating & Wax Applicators
-Platinum Series Buff & Polish Cloths

Start by washing your car with the Platinum Series XL Dip & Wash Tool.  This tool combines the wash power of a premium microfiber car wash pad with the reach and control of a lightweight, extendable aluminum pole.  We recommend using the two-bucket method at all times to cut down on potential recontamination of the paint.  One bucket of soapy water, one bucket of pure water to rinse out the head of the wash tool in between refilling the wash head with soapy water.  Wash your whole vehicle thoroughly working from top to bottom. 

Next using our giant plush 700 GSM  Platinum Series 6 sq. ft Drying towel, dry your car.  Now we get into some chemicals.  You will need either a clay bar lubricant or a fresh bucket of clean soapy water.  Clay bar is meant to remove the very stuck particles that get embedded in the clear coat of your paint.  Before adding any surface sealants, you will want to remove as much of that as possible.

One great way is to use the Platinum Series Clay Backing Wash Mitt. This premium microfiber wash mitt combines the strength of our chenille microfiber with the paint correction of a nice chunk of clay bar.  Making sure you have as much lubricant as possible on the clay surface of the mitt, as well as on the vehicle itself. Next begin to gently “scrub” the surface of your paint working in 2 sq. ft sections. Make sure to move consistently in one direction. Using your free hand occasionally feel the surface you are working on to make sure you are smoothing the area out.  Work around the entire painted surface of the vehicle making sure you are constantly keeping the vehicle surface well lubricated.  Once you’ve completed this process your car should be as smooth as glass.  However, be ready to see some slight paint marring.  By nature of the clay in the clay mitt you will have created some paint imperfections but don’t worry too much about it.  The next step will address this along with other imperfections.

Next grab the Platinum Series Coating & Wax Applicators.  These soft microfiber applicator pads are made oversized to help cover more area at a time.  The hand pocket on the back allows excellent mobility and control even at this larger size.   Using a gentle cut or low abrasive polish you can quickly bring back a mirror finish.  Putting four dime-sized dots of polish on your pad begin to work in small tight circles in a two square foot section.  (Focusing on a small section allows you to correct and account for any problems or mistakes that might occur.)  Working in a circular motion move horizontally through your two square foot section and then again in a vertical orientation repeat the same process.  When finished, grab any microfiber towel and gently wipe away the haze to reveal your new mirror finish paint.  This step can be repeated with a heavier cut (more abrasive) chemical if needed.

The next step leads to the most satisfying result of the process.  Using a clean car wax applicator pad and the wax of your choice, whether that be an old school carnauba, or a new hybrid ceramic wax repeat the process used in polishing the paint.  Again, after this step you will want to use a clean microfiber towel to gently wipe away any haze left by the surface protectant.

Time for finishing steps. After you’ve wiped most of the haze away inspect your work.  There will always be a spot or two that could use some touch-up.  Maybe some haze that you didn’t notice popped out from a different angle of view, or fingerprints and smudges that have until now gone unnoticed.   Grab the plushest towel in your arsenal, Platinum Series Buff & Polish Cloths.  Fold the towel into a square and gently wipe away these last imperfections.  The fibers of this towel are formulated to remove light oils and residues while not removing any of the surface protectant itself.

These preventative measures are a great way to know you’re protecting the investment you’ve made in your car.  Whether going to sale or trade in, or getting ready for winter, or even just months of hot beating sun, the steps detailed in this post can help you achieve those goals.  So, hop in the car, get to a Walmart or Pep Boys to find everything you’ll need.  You can also go to to see all the other ways we can help take care of your four-wheeled friends.

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